Almanzo 100

The 2017 edition of the Almanzo was exceptional due to the 40 degree temperatures, driving rain, and abusive wind. In 2011 the conditions were very similar, and on both of these occasions there was a lot of visual drama begging to be captured in photographs. I braved the conditions with my Fuji camera gear, and hit the road for Spring Valley, MN to be part of the spectacle. 20 miles into the event I rescued a man who had so much sand and grit in his eyes he couldn't see. After I dumped an ounce of eye drops in his eyes, he ended up going to the hospital. 40 miles in, I rescued a different guy who was holed up in a laundromat, rain dumping out of the gutters while his bike leaned against the building. 

For every rider, there was a different story of their long day on the bike. Kudos to everyone who braved the elements yesterday. The gallery below is what I managed to capture while out on the course, dodging rain bullets and helping people get from point A to point B. Enjoy.